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empty property landlord insurance


27 St Andrews Drive
Poole Dam , Newcastle Staffordshire ST5 2PA
01782 444923

Quotesmasher is the new way to get cheap landlord insurance on the property that you rent out and with the insurers competing for your business then the premiums come down. Specialist insurers in this sector have very low premiums and this can make a great saving for the landlord.

Quotesmasher is a new site that is dedicated to the insurance market and allows people to source the very lowest and most suitable cover available. With a large array of underwriters in the specialist landlord arena then finding the landlord cover that you need has never been so easy. All types of landlord property can be covered with working tenants, DSS tenants, asylum seekers and students . Cover can even be found for properties that are currently unoccupied.


chewswear, op March 23, 2015


chewswear, op March 23, 2015


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